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CIVIL LAW, in particular:

• protection of the ownership, possession and use,
• compensation and redress,
• property law relating to ownership, co-ownership, use, easement, pledge, possession,
• the law of obligations, i.e. sales contracts, lease agreements, orders, leases, donations,
• payment cases,
• matters regarding entry in the land and mortgage register,
• debt collection,
• inheritance law, including declaration of acquisition of inheritance, division of inheritance, rejection of inheritance, cases of preservation, matters relating to the wills
• establishing the companies.

FAMILY LAW, in particular cases:

• for a divorce (out of sole fault of one of the spouses or by mutual agreement),
• for separation, for an annulment of a marriage,
• to establish property separation, division of joint property upon the termination of the joint property partnership and settlements between spouses,
• related to the child’s origin: judicial determination of paternity, denial of paternity, recognition of a child, annulment of recognition,
• alimony: alimony for the child, alimony for the spouse after the divorce, alimony for other family members,
• for raising or reducing maintenance, for the enforcement of alimony payments, for the maintenance of maintenance during the court proceedings,
• granting, limiting, suspending, depriving parental authority, determining the manner of exercising parental authority, entrusting the exercise of parental authority to one of the parents, management over the child’s property, foster families,
• to establish contacts with the child,
• whose subject matter is legal assistance and guardianship (in the case of minors and adults),
• for adoption,
• incapacitation,
• for compulsory withdrawal treatment and psychiatric treatment

PENAL LAW, in particular crimes concerning:

• the communication (communication accident, driving while under the influence of intoxicating substance, etc.)
• against life and health (fight and beating, causing damage to human health, abortion, exposure to the risk of loss of life or health, etc.)
• against family and care (domestic violence, physical and psychological abuse of family members, persistent evasion of alimony);
• against freedom (punishments, blackmail, stalking, etc.)
• against veneration and physical integrity (defamation, insult, breach of bodily integrity, etc.)
• against the activities of state institutions (bribery, paid protection, etc.)
• against protection of information (unlawful obtaining of information, destruction or damage to IT data, disruption of computer systems, etc.);
• against the credibility of documents (falsification, untruth, etc.)
• against property (theft, burglary, robbery, extortion, embezzlement, fraud, computer fraud, etc.)

INHERITANCE LAW, in particular:

• confirmation of the inheritance acquisition,
• the sharing-out of the estate,
• statutory and testamentary inheritance,
• the reserved portion,
• the will

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW, in particular:

• matters related to the citizenship, census records, first names, surnames and civil registration records, including matters related to the registration and check-out, residence permits, work permits, visas,
• all the cases concerning the foreigners